About J-Ray Shoes

J-Ray shoes has been Family owned and operated since 1954. 


The Family and employees behind J-Ray are known first for our expertise in fitting shoes, as well as expert knowledge of how different brands of shoes fit still growing feet. We go above and beyond for our customers, and very often, we are able to special order hard to find styles and sizes to meet their needs.   

Our fearless leader (Leigh Dominick Kercher) works tirelessly with local Schools, Companies and Factories to custom make shoes to meet the uniform requirements of each School in our area. We LOVE  back to school time. Although it is quite a busy time for us. We love that we are able to fit returning students from all different schools each year and watch them grow. Some of our customers are 2nd and even 3rd Generation customers. 

Aside from School Shoes, we excel in fitting your child for their first walkers.  We have many brands, colors and styles to choose from, for even the pickiest and or hard to fit feet.